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About Julie


Julie is a German and French director. Her passion for storytelling revealed itself when, after she had fallen asleep during an experimental film screening at the Sorbonne, her professor sentenced her to manually rewind the 16 mm reel of film.

While fulfilling the task, she realized that despite her love of great imagery, it was good stories that kept her awake. After her Master’s Degree in Film Arts and some thrilling, formative years watching movies in Parisian theatres, she attended the University of Television and Film Munich to become a director.

To avoid people falling asleep during her films, she improved her storytelling skills by casually working as a movie trailer editor. Since then, Julie has shot several documentaries, short films and commercials, which have been awarded internationally. Her commercial work stands out for its original, quirky cast, its charming tone–and its cinematic visual style. Because after all, imagery does matter to her, and as a wise filmmaker once put it: falling asleep during a movie simply means trusting the director.

Julie in short:

Cast lover, storyteller, quirky, emotions, cinematic style


„Das perfekte Geschenk“

Mobil Oil

„Katze im Sack“

New Balance
„Walk with me“

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