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About Jan


Jan’s love for filmmaking goes way back to his teenage years, shooting skateboard films with his father’s VHS camcorder. Initially he was drawn to all the visual aspects of filmmaking – how one can create dynamic movements, interesting transitions and a feeling solely through lighting- and lens- choices.

For years to come he continued to develop his personal style as a DP, collaborating with a plethora of international Directors on a multitude of projects, ranging from fashion films to more classic TVCs.

Around 2018 however, he felt a strong desire to craft his films beyond all those visual aspects that had grown so dear to his heart. The moment he picked up directing, initially as a ‚Directing- DP‘, he never looked back. The fulfillment, to pursue a project in the most comprehensive way imaginable, is what drives him as a director. It’s about the daily challenge to come up with a new approach and suitable skill set to unlock the full potential of each and every project that comes his way. To live up to the ever- changing challenges, he strongly relies on the power of teamwork. The ability to collaborate and guide a roster of talented and trusted individuals is what turns good films into great ones. He couldn’t be more excited to further embark on this journey.

He has to admit, though, that to this day there are still two hearts beating in his chest. The DP, that strives for highly aesthetic and creative shots, and the director that simply wants to capture authentic moments that convey a positive feeling for a broad audience. Something that feels spontaneous, effortless and never overproduced. This dualistic background however allows him to work in a wide range of environments and genres in a very hands-on manner.

Jan in short:

Directing- DP, authentic, positive, aesthetic


„Dominic Thiem“

„ALDI Qualität“



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