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Bengt Stiller


About Bengt


 “I’ve always been interested in freaks in life. The ones who always stood a little apart. Somewhat hidden, but fully there. With a dedication to what they pursue – or does it pursue them?“

This quote from the foreword to the illustrated book „Legends of Steel“ (Delius-Klasing Verlag 2019) is the best way to describe the working methods of the Berlin-based photographer. Bengt grew up on the outskirts of Hamburg. Before he studied architecture in Braunschweig, he learned about the joys and pitfalls of derailleur gears at a large Hamburg bicycle manufacturer. Without hesitation he became a bicycle mechanic. Via Braunschweig Bengt went to the University of Applied Arts and finally to Vienna. He becomes a master student of Zaha Hadid and finishes his studies of architecture in the class of Greg Lynn. After working as an architect for 4 years, he decided to give in to his drive – the passion for photography – and started working as a freelance photographer in Vienna. His work jumps between the fields of architecture, automobiles and sports & lifestyle. Among his clients are brands like: VW, Porsche, AMG-Mercedes Benz, Landrover, Kohlbecker Architekten, SchenkerSalviWeber, Hartmann Gläser, Kempinski Hotels.

Bengt in short:

Passion, Curiosity, Dynamic, Diligent




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